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Stained Glass Music Studio

Stained Glass Music Studio is the project studio of Peter Smith


Located in Pasadena, the room is over 1000 square feet and boasts a semi-circular wall featuring 5 columns of stain glass windows, which offer stunning natural light. The ceiling measures 11.5 feet from the floor, and the room looks and sounds glorious.


As for recording capabilities, the studio has 12 inputs for audio. Microphones and preamps include AEA, Mojave, Warm Audio, Roswell, Shure, API, and more.


There is a 7-ft. Baldwin F piano from 1970, which has a newly rebuilt Renner action (same as Steinway). Other instruments include a Wurlitzer 140B, Fender Rhodes, Crumar Mojo Hammond clone, various keyboards and soft synths, as well as amps and a DW jazz drum set.

Other features:

  • Climate Control
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Lounge area


The studio is available for photo shoots at $50/hr.
The studio is available for video shoots at $100/hr. Bring your own videographer and we can record your audio.
The studio is available for rehearsals on a limited basis at $75/hr. 

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